Counseling/Coaching/Consulting service online.

Practical Psychology Institute probides counseling, coaching and consulting services based on Coaching Psychology and Industrial/Organizational Psychology in English.


One month text coaching & counseling: 12,000yen.

Three month text coaching & counseling: 30,000yen.

Other training and consulting support: negotiable.

Therapist’s/Coach’s Profile

Keita Motoki, MA (Psychology), PhD (Medicine)

Certified Clinical Psychologist, user of the MBTI®, REBT therapist, and Yoga instructor
Completed the advanced certificate program of Rational Emotive & Cognitive Behavior Therapy at the Albert Ellis Institute, New York
Member of MINT (Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers)
Member of the board of Japan Society of Motivational Interviewing for Network

How to researve a session

  1. Send e-mail to
  2. Fixing a session date and way of meeting
  3. Have a fun of the session

What is coaching, counseling, or psychothrapy?

Coaching, counseling and psychotherapy are all dialogs based human support services. As a definition, coaching focus on goals and other positive aspects, counseling focus on problem solving, and psychotherapy cures psychiatric diseases. However, these three are overlapped in real sessions. For example, some depressed patients need to be coached in their therapy sessions, to attain their goals and increase QOL. A “healthy” executive might require to solve his/her emotional problems to realize dreaming future. Therefore, you don’t have to be so sensitive about the difference among them. It might be, however, helpful to see a practitioner who is certified to work in several different fields.